Makeup is therapeutic, My 30-day​ challenge

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Over the past few years, there has been a trend on Instagram and in the media to sport makeup-free looks. We have seen a few celebrities making public appearances sans makeup. It’s amazing to feel comfortable in your own skin, without any enhancements! However, if you have ever used makeup, you would know that the decision to wear makeup can be very therapeutic. Or at least for many, it can be. I personally find it very relaxing to apply makeup. A full-face doesn’t have to be applied on a daily basis in order to experience the therapeutic effects either.

The confidence booster

There are many reasons why women decide to wear makeup, some might not be in search of therapy. However, most are interested in the transformative ability that makeup has. I have personally seen women who wanted to cover scars left behind by acne, and once they were covered, their eyes welled up with tears. Personally, I have been blessed with decent skin, and have never had to worry about acne, for which I am grateful. But I’m very empathetic to women and men who suffer from it. I totally understand how scars and spots left behind can affect one’s self-esteem! So whatever’s necessary to boost confidence, by all means, go for it. It really doesn’t matter what others think, the only thing that matters is that you feel good!

As a stay at home mom, I’ve personally felt the therapeutic and transformative ability of Makeup. I’ve always worn some form of makeup, but since staying at home with my son, I felt there wasn’t a need. I’d get ready in the mornings, and take him out to the park, food shopping, etc. And pick my daughter up from school, sometimes with the pre-style braids/twists in my hair, that was totally unacceptable!!! It’s like going out with rollers in your hair. Initially, I’d tell myself I’ll just do it this one time, and then once turned into twice, etc, etc…But sometimes as stay at home moms, we forget who we are, and who we were before becoming “mommy” and “Hunny”. Of course, it’s easier to just get ready in the mornings and skip makeup, but it is important to take the time and pamper ourselves too. The “pre childbearing” me would’ve never allowed the previously described incidences to occur. However, they did, and I needed to redeem myself.

The challenge

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A few months ago, I decided to challenge myself. The challenge would be simple. I already knew that makeup had a therapeutic ability, and I was going to challenge myself to wear makeup every day for 30 days. That would mean, giving myself the appropriate amount of time to get ready before taking my son out, or even before going on family outings. It would also give me the chance to rediscover the amazingness of makeup and my love for it! I wanted to see If I was truly missing anything.

30 days was achieved. I didn’t wear a full face every day, however, on most days I did. In the process, I began to try out some of the products that Ipsy sent in my monthly bags and discovered some real gems in the mix. Because let’s be honest, for many months I’d receive the bag, but never really try many of the products except for a few lip products, eyeliners, and mascara( and they sent a lot of eyeliner and mascara). It was truly a fun challenge, and my love for shimmery highlighters was also discovered.

The challenge ended a few months ago, and it left me with this urge to put my face on daily. Now, I barely want to leave my house without makeup! Talk about an obsession, sheesh. I felt good( and still do). It’s true that when you look good, you feel good! When I put my face on before going out, I feel more prepared to face the day and whatever it will throw my way. It’s been a time of rediscovery for me, as well as excitement!

How using makeup has been therapeutic for me

Before the challenge, there were moments when I didn’t feel really attractive, but I wanted to. Spending the 30mins-1hr necessary to put my face on actually helped boost my confidence as well. I am totally in favor of doing things to boost confidence. If that requires you taking a salsa dance class, or putting on makeup, or both, do it! We only live once right? And since we only have one life to live, it needs to be fulfilling, and we must feel fulfilled!

Changing up types of products used

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Before now, I’ve tried foundations. However, I never really used them often. I found them to be an extra step that added time to my routine. I also live in a very hot and humid climate and found them to be more of a hassle during the summer months. Today, I’m in love with foundation and recognize it has a very positive effect on my look. The right foundation can make the skin look beautiful and flawless. As long as my foundation is set properly after it has been applied, I don’t have to worry about much, including during summer months.

In the past I’ve used concealers underneath my foundation as a spot corrector, but never on top as a highlight. My 30 day challenge has opened me up to a new way of using concealer, I now use them on top of my foundation. Which has left me with a desire to have a brighter under eye area. So on days that I might forgo the foundation, forgoing the concealer is not an option.

Other than complexion products, I also did some soul searching with my mascara. I wanted to buy a full-size smash box mascara after having received it in my Ipsy bag. It was out of stock and that caused me to search and read reviews on other prestige mascaras. With a bit of experimentation, I found a suitable substitute.

The discovery

All along, I knew that I wasn’t taking enough time for myself, and my look. I’ve always been very interested in looking my best, and would usually take whatever time necessary to achieve that. But once the children came, my focus turned completely to them. I realized that I needed to do more than the bare minimum to get out of the house. I needed to make myself look good! Not to say when my hair was in a bun, and I only wore mascara and lipstick, or lip gloss I didn’t look good, but I wasn’t giving myself the time I deserved. I enjoy creating my look daily, it’s fun and relaxing. Everyone needs a release, and I get that release while applying my makeup. There’s another release I experience at night, when removing it, and pampering my skin with my nighttime routine.

Hint: Although makeup is therapeutic in many ways. If you truly need clinical treatment, I’m not saying skip therapy and put on makeup, but you can definitely put it on before going to therapy!

What are some things you do to relax? Do you wear makeup on a daily basis? Comment below!

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